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CosmicEngine is the name I’ve given to my work in design, electronics, and related technical arts. I have broad hands-on experience in these various fields ranging from microcircuitry and fiber optics fabrication to the philosophical fundamentals of symbolic logic which are the underpinnings of all programming languages

If you have a hardware question – whether it’s a mysterious clicking noise that just came out of nowhere or you need a wifi mesh network designed and built – I can help.  I’ve built quartz-crystal radios and single-mode fiber optics cable systems for mil-spec aviation systems. I learned how to tinker on a ’55 Chevy half-ton pickup and eventually I was repairing multi-layer circuitry to NASA standards.  This isn’t a job:  It’s a lifelong passion.  My mother wasn’t too happy when I took a screwdriver to household appliances, but I simply couldn’t help myself – I had to know what was inside and why. I was almost always able to get things put back together, and I’ve gotten much better with experience.

I’ve been doing this for nearly thirty years.  I began writing code before I was ten, when my friends went to sports camps in the summer I went to computer camp – way back in the 1980s.  My friends were learning the basics of tennis and I was learning the basics of BASIC.  Software is just a machine’s way of understanding the symbolic logic forms that philosophers have studied for centuries, and I find this communication between humans and machines to be immensely fascinating.  I can help you realize your vision for a software solution, or I can explain to you in an easily understandable way why current technology isn’t up to the task and what can be done instead.

What is CosmicEngine?

A unified approach to technology

where software and hardware come together to make something totally new and beautiful

CosmicEngine is a different approach to technology – machines built with love.

There is nothing more beautiful than a well-executed vision – it is a work of art no matter the medium…


Are you ready to build something beautiful?

If so, I am ready to help.

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Address: 128 Courtland Avenue, Asheville NC, 28801, United States

Phone: +336 880 5950

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I give all of my effort on every project that I’m given.  I enjoy working in a group as much as I do working solo.  If you’d like to work with me, get in touch.  I will do my utmost to ensure that you are completely satisfied.